Startup Tools 4 Artists is a creator-led business consultancy built on the idea that creative people make the world a better place, are natural entrepreneurs when trained in the relevant mindset and skillsets, and that successful entrepreneurship includes a spirit of play and encourages positive self-communication.

Startup Tools 4 Artists Founder Paula Landry works with performers, entertainers, artists, influencers and creatives driven to weave beauty and understanding into the lives of others and take ownership of the entrepreneurial process for themselves and at their jobs. With the tools, skills and infrastructure to plan, launch and nurture a venture, these fiercely independent and daring people can transform companies, their finances and our economy. Self-care is key, to ease the overwhelm and self-doubt that often plagues creatives. Using tools from the tech-based startup world designed specifically for them, clients of StartupTools4Artists can fuse their creative and business goals. As an author who’s published three books, a working writer/filmmaker, as well as a professor in NYC and around the globe for 15+ years, Paula Landry, MBA shares these frameworks with individuals, non-profit organizations,  companies large and small. With a combined background in film, television, writing, media marketing and classical music, Landry offers her eclectic expertise to every maker, builder, creator and artist – if only they will believe in themselves enough to launch their startup.

Paula Landry – Leader, Coach, Artist, Weirdo