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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

By August 18, 2022No Comments

Entrepreneur and Music Executive Walter J. Tucker, MBA, founded a business in New York City based on networking and professional music–education events called LiveThe.Biz. Events included aspiring professional musicians as well as accomplished performers and professionals.

They grew over time in popularity, consisting of fun, high- quality educational and networking components. Mr. Tucker went on to become a successful music executive, thought-leader, and college professor as well as entrepreneur, maintaining and growing events for a widespread population in several locations.

Speaking at a seminar for graduate MBA students, Walter shared that one key to his success was his personalized and detailed approach to networking. He related how he organized and made notes on the professionals he met, with a brief description of when, where, and an interesting personal factoid about them. The personal detail might be a mutual enjoyment of Marvel movies, favorite music genre, even something anecdotal. This helped him reconnect on a personal level with that individual again in the future. This connection allowed him to build on the relationship. You can follow him at @livethebiz on Instagram.


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