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Freemium Is Marketing

By August 11, 2022No Comments

Ryan McGuire is a creative, artist, and photographer with a discerning eye and an incredible wit. His work runs the gamut from fine art to illustrations, public art, and photography that can be silly, hilarious, bizarre, or random.

Generosity and curiosity are hallmarks of his work. In 2011, he founded a website for people in need of pictures, for personal and commercial projects, that they could download and use completely free of charge and without attribution. That generosity has created rabid fans of his work, garnering him loyalty, attention and helping market him. By using the freemium model for some of his photographs, Ryan builds upon his audience and attracts more attention which can lead to future work and revenue. 

With the ease of digital sharing, this use of the CC0 license (free use with no attribution required) has exposed many people to his work and added to his following. His work and story can be found here:

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