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Launching and Running Your Creative Startup

By August 4, 2022No Comments

Musical indie vocalist, global touring artist, and songwriter Maya Azucena has won awards for her music and humanitarian outreach. Azucena garnered a Grammy Certificate for her vocal work with Stephen Marley on Best Reggae Album of the Year, “Mind Control.” In a conversation with Maya, the turning point for her career came when she took the lead and looked at herself as an entrepreneur.

“As an entrepreneur, you are your own boss. This is a shift in mentality. Employees wait to be told what to do, go here at this time, do this by this date. You have to shift your mentality from you waiting around for someone to tell you to do things.

You have to view yourself as an employer. Then say ‘I need to have these things completed, I need to show up on time for these things.’

If you treat your business like a hobby you’ll have hobby results. Imagine if I open a store that’s only open for 20 minutes, every three weeks. Is anyone going to shop at my store? Inconsistency is the killer. Consistency is the key to progress. Now imagine a store that’s open 1 hour every single day, at the same time. It’s not open as long as you might want but people can find and rely on. Now your store is in existence. This is the first thing – you have to be in existence to begin with. And then consistency, because other things can be built on something that’s consistent.”

You can find her at her website, on Spotify and @ mayaazucena on Instagram.

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