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Your MVP – Minimum Viable Product (or Service)

By July 14, 2022No Comments

Professional Musician, and Composer Bryan Steele could see at the outset of his musical career in New York City that performing on sax was great, but narrow. He wanted to make sure that his future included more opportunity, financial promise, flexibility, and longevity. Electronic music and composing on a personal computer at the time was new, and somewhat daunting, but he recognized it as the future and a way into broadened possibilities.

Amid gigging, teaching, networking, and performing, Bryan composed songs, recording them on his equipment, essentially teaching himself how to use the technology. His MVP – minimal viable offering – consisted of those first individual songs, which were written, recorded, mixed, and shared with the world. He jumped in, focusing on one thing at a time. Each song improved. It was clear there were many things involved, but he focused on one action, learning each skill as needed. He became more skilled in playing, composing, and orchestration subsequently learning the appropriate software for recording and mixing music, then became versed in distributing, and marketing his songs. Each recording increased in quality. He learned more about the technology.

The learning was in service of his goals – selling songs, building a musical career as a professional musician. No matter what was going on, even while on tour for the award-winning Broadway musical Moving Out, Bryan wrote music. He shows up every day and works, whether it’s playing, recording, writing, or administrative duties. His work ethic is an important aspect of his success. As he progressed, he built his catalog of music, pursuing opportunities in the television, film, and commercial world. He learned to listen to his customers – and what they needed and were seeking in film scores, TV programs, and jingles.

Enjoy his music and connect with him at, on Spotify, Apple Music, and more!

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