Working with us begins with a brief survey and strategy chat to discuss where you are now and your goals. After an initial session, we’ll suggest a strategy with a timeline and arrange private consulting or classes based on your plan for growth.

Startup Tools 4 Artists offers classes, services and support in these four areas of expertise:

Creative Business Planning

Planning a creative business involves your unique skills, setting goals that make sense to you. Entrepreneurs need to articulate their vision and organize resources to achieve desired results. Testing and building specific products and services requires reaching out to potential fans and customers which will focus your plans.

  • Executive Advising in Skills Identification
  • Coaching in Vision Building and Goal Setting
  • Strategies to Define Your Unique Value Principle
  • Development and Articulation of Your First Offering
  • Mini Market Research Bootcamp
  • Advising in Audience Building With Survey Tools


Marketing & Branding Your Creative Startup

Creating an image and personality for your artistic startup company will help your tribe find you and what you sell. An important aspect of this is defining, locating and understanding the customers who want what you are selling. This  process is helped by allocating specific time and financial resources to keep your creative company nimble and agile.

  • Defining and Locating Your Audience, Fans & Customers
  • Guidance For Branding Basics And Storytelling
  • Constructing Authentic Marketing Frameworks
  • Time Management in Marketing
  • Building a Branding & Promotions Budget
  • Defining and Locating Your Customers


Launching & Growing Your Startup

Planning & activating your business launch means that you can articulate your vision and business model (how you’ll make $). Creating a timeline and establishing systems saves you money and bandwidth. Simple routines and tools can help you stay on track. Throughout, we practice self-care for creatives!

  • Clarifying Your Why & Setting Expectations
  • Defining How To Generate Income
  • Assistance Building A Launch Timeline
  • Training For Data And Analytics Platforms
  • Creating Systems And Standard Operating Procedures
  • Creating A Roadmap To Artistic Fulfillment


A Startup Mindset

Businesses can (and should) ignite a startup culture within by teaching and encouraging a startup mindset – one that is open to adaptation, weirdness, false-starts and general shenanigans. Creative people within organizations – once empowered to act entrepreneurially – will bring their full set of powers to an organization which can achieve remarkable results. That mindset is learnable.

  • Playtime Training in Startup Behavior
  • Learning to Narrate, Adapt & Pivot
  • Embracing Constraints and Playing With Others
  • Building Creative Real Life and Online Interactions
  • Using Mind-Maps, Mind-Melds & Masterminds